I bungee jumped…. twice! Yes, you read that right. Debra, who is terrified of heights and has cried through more than one high ropes course, actually bungee jumped tandem with Josh (then returned to jump with Sydney three days later!) It was scary, but exhilarating…..way less scary overall than doing a high ropes course for me. Hard to believe I know.

We have spent 5 days in Queenstown, known as the adventure capital of New Zealand and had our share of adventures. We spent the first day biking the “Five Bridges Trail” through beautiful countryside, across several suspension bridges over gorges, finally arriving at AJ Hackett, the first place to do commercial bungee jumping. It was fitting that our first day in the adventure capital of NZ ended with Josh and me jumping tandem twelve stories over the Kawarau river.

Other highlights from Queenstown:

-Taking a gondola high above Queenstown to do their infamous luge runs. Without Josh’s GoPro, I fashioned my own holding my pop socket in my mouth to video the run 🙂

-Riding a jet boat up the Dart River, travelling 60mph skimming over the surface of the river sometimes in water as shallow as 3 inches and doing 360s. Then, traveling in “Funyaks” (inflatable kayaks) back down the river with a stop in a chasm, created by an earthquake, along the way.

-Taking a scenic flight to the famous Milford Sound, flying through towering glacier covered mountains. The boat ride around the sound was interesting and beautiful, but it was really the flights that were the highlight.

It was quite fitting that the morning we left Queenstown for more remote areas of NZ, we stopped by AJ Hackett again. This time Kevin’s sister, Kristi, jumped and I jumped tandem with Sydney.

We are now at a wilderness lodge at Lake Moeraki, close to the coast. It is pretty much the only thing around for 30 miles and surrounded by pristine, protected rainforest. Will update when I can 🙂