• Vietnam- 12 Day Itinerary

    Vietnam- 12 Day Itinerary

    Day 1-2: HANOI “Stick together like sticky rice” our guide, Tuan, coached the kids. This is a must strategy for crossing any street in the Old Quarter of Hanoi where there are 6 million mopeds for 9 million people and few, if any, stoplights or stop signs. It’s chaos. Lots of “beep beep beeps” as…

  • Halong Bay, Vietnam

    Halong Bay, Vietnam

    The nice thing about a beautiful landscape, like the islands of Halong Bay, is that it doesn’t change throughout the years. So, while there were many, MANY more boats with tourists, and our own boat was 10x nicer than what we stayed on 22 years ago, Halong Bay was just as spectacular now as when…

  • Sapa, Vietnam

    Sapa, Vietnam

    My mom always says that most of life is lived on “plan B”. That’s especially true while traveling — which is how Syd found herself hitching a ride up a big hill on the back of a stranger’s motorcycle. The adventure started the afternoon we arrived in Sapa, a small town to the North, nestled…

  • Hoi An, Vietnam

    Hoi An, Vietnam

    “It feels like we’re on the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland” the kids joked 3 minutes into our “learn about the ancient way of fishing” experience outside the seaside town of Hoi An. I have to say, Kevin and I agreed. What was billed as an “authentic” experience was more like a well-rehearsed show where everything…

  • Mekong Delta, Vietnam

    Mekong Delta, Vietnam

    Their small boat sidled up to ours. After some discussion, two fresh coconuts were handed over, money exchanged hands, and off went the boat with calls of “cam un!” (thank you in Vietnamese). And so it went again…twice more with some sticky rice cooked in a banana leaf and Pho (noodle soup). Such is the…

  • Saigon, Vietnam

    Saigon, Vietnam

    Apparently when in Vietnam, my “never ride a motorcycle” rule doesn’t apply because, for the third time in just 10 days, we hopped on the back of Vespas and did a food tour of Saigon. You have to understand that riding a moped in Saigon is crazy. At any given moment you are surrounded by…