It’s been two days since Josh and I returned from a week of rafting the Grand Canyon. While it’s been glorious being able to shower in water warmer than 52 degrees and use a flushing toilet instead of a bucket, it’s been an adjustment being back in the connected world after 6 days without cell service.

What an amazing adventure: huge rapids that drenched us, majestic soaring red canyon walls, beautiful blue waterfall pools, millions of stars on the clear nights, geology lessons on the history of the Grand Canyon, a great group of 27 people, and surprisingly delicious food. It was also challenging… the weather was unpredictable… sunny and crazy hot for a time, lightning and thunderstorms other times, and cloudy days where we’d freeze because of the cold water, and sand, sand, and more sand… did I mention sand???? It was EVERYWHERE. It truly was an amazing and very memorable trip made even more special because I did it with Josh. My friend, Tommie, and her daughter joined us as well. Enjoy the video!