It’s a tradition after 8th grade to go on a trip with mom. I rafted the Grand Canyon with Josh and I just got back from a week with Tyler scuba diving on the island of Grand Turk. I wasn’t going to post seeing as this certainly wasn’t “essential” travel, but these videos are my way of journaling and it was truly a special time with Tyler, so I’m posting anyways 🤪

We spent the week diving in the mornings and just chilling and/or sailing in the afternoons. I chose the place for the quality of the diving and it didn’t disappoint. We saw turtles, reef sharks and huge barracuda on just about every dive, and the topography of the reef was mind blowing with huge, towering walls. I bought a waterproof casing for my phone (which had a “leak” alarm for those who think I was crazy) and I think I successfully captured how grand the reef wall was. It’s pretty remarkable that my iPhone took such clear underwater pictures! And yes, all of the sea life was as close to us as it seems in the video. We had two very memorable encounters with a turtle and a pair of sharks!

Spending a week just with Tyler was probably the highlight. He was great company and a great diver. I taught him to sail and play Rummy 500 (which was key to passing the very long time for our food to come… LOL). Being underwater has always been my “happy” place, so to have a child who is equally as enthusiastic just thrills me to no end 🙂

Enjoy the video!